Wedding Flowers Budget

I strongly believe that everyone, whatever their budget, can enjoy wonderful flowers on their wedding day. I can keep the price down when you are choosing seasonal flowers and foliage. Simplicity, creativity and elegance help to bring your project alive whatever your budget. During our initial consultation, we will have time to discuss your preferences. I will help you to develop your ideas and wishes to realise a memorable display on your special day. Wedding Flowers Budget is a guide of prices to help you working with your budget. For the most expensive flowers, materials and non seasonal flowers and foliage, I will reconsider the price with you according to my suppliers prices.



Price list 2016


Traditional shower bouquet                      from  £120

Hand-Tied bouquet                                     from  £  70

Headdress                                                     from £  60


Hand-Tied bouquet                                     from £ 40

Pommander                                                 from £ 35

Headdress                                                    from £ 35

Button hole – Boutonnière – Corsage

Button hole                                                  from  £  8

Boutonnière                                                 from £10

Corsage                                                        from £15

Wrist corsage                                              from £20


Large pedestal                                           from £140

Medium pedestal                                      from £100

Pew end                                                      from £ 20

Table decoration

Top cake                                                    from £20

Table centre                                              from £40

Table flowers                                            from £20

Table candelabra                                     from £80

Mantle piece                                             from £90


Candelabra – Venus silver – 5 candle holders  – H 80 cm            £25  

Candelabra – Venus silver – 5 candle holders – H140 cm           £35


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